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Hard to get

Ch. 8

"To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you."

~ Lewis B. Smedes


"Ugh, am I dead~" A raspy voice murmured from the rubble that used to be a prison.

"Serves you right, warden." Came another voice from behind. The old man jumped at the sudden voice, turning to see who was speaking. To his disaproval, was none other than Zonic.

"Ah. My FAVORITE zone cop has come to heal me with his mystical powers!" He yelled to the heavens in a mocking voice, waving his hand over his head drastically. The cop rolled his eyes at the action.

"Very funny." Was all he said, before pulling Zobotnik up from the ground by his suit. The other squirmed and pulled away from Zonic upsettingly.

"Could you be more sensitive?!" He snapped back, not really startling the other though. Zonic put back on his helmet, now that he knew who he was, so now his face was covered once more.

"hmmph. Save your rants for people who have time for that." He said to him as his shades went back down. "I told you my time is limited." Before Zobotnik could respond, some had already got up to Zonic.

"Zonic." Came a low voice from behind. Zonic turned his head only to be met with another cop. The other lifted his helmet so his identity could be know; Zhadow.

"AH! Zhadow! I'm so glad your here!" The warden greeted suddenly happy, taking the ebony cop's hand and shaking it.

"Greetings, warden." Zhadow said to him before turning back to Zonic. "Zonic, there are few survivors, and it is shown to be eight prisoners who have escaped. We have no evidence on who or what they are except this." Zhadow held in his hand a small piece of black leather, handing it to the other. Zonic lifted his shades and sniffed the piece, seeing if he could identify who's it was. Zonic was known for his keen sence of smell.

"What do you mean EIGHT?! You're telling me you two let EIGHT Prisoners slip away?! What is the meaning of this Zhadow?!" Zobotnik scoled at the black hedgehog. He glared back.

"I was not apart of this, warden. If I'm not mistaken, YOU were put in charge; This is YOUR jail, is it not?" The other argued.

"Well..... Fine, it may be slightly my fault, but you two are ZONE COPS! Your surpossed to-"

"It's Scourge's group." Zonic finally said, after sniffing out the sent. He put back down his shades, and gripped the black leather. "It's from Scourge's jacket. I can smell it. But something's off about it....there's a similar odar coming from it..." Zonic looked back at Zobotnik who was still spazing out and throwing childish fits.

"I can't believe this happened! NO. It's a dream, isn't it? A horrid nightmare! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!" He cried, slapping himself many times as if he was trying to really awake. Zonic rolled his eyes, and looked back at the leather, then back at Zhadow.

"Zhadow, see if you can find more survivors. Thanks for the hint." He told Zhadow, before he excused himself. The blue one looked back at Zobotnik. His face was red and he looked like he was about to explode.

"This is UNBELIEVABLE!" As he continued to throw a tantrum, Zonic searched around te see if he could possibly find some more info on where and how to find Scourge. Scavanging around, he found his way to the fence Sonic and Scourge had been trapped under. He carefully examined the blood, doing his best not to touch the barbed wire. The blood was still fresh, but there were peices of black ripped leather scattered on it. Green and blue fur also showed from it.

"So, Sonic also escaped too, huh?" He said to himself, picking up the fur. Zonic never expected Sonic to ever be thrown in here, atleast not anymore. But he wasn't surprised to understand that he would also leave the prison along with Scourge.

"Hey, Zhadow." He called to the striped cop, who was busy with some feathers. He turned and walked to him, bird feathers in one hand, and parts of a jacket in another hand.

"I think I have something." They both said together, hold in up their items. Zonic quickly took the feathers, as if it was of great importance.

"Sonic is gone too." He muttered while doing this. Zhadow sighed in frustration. "And it looks like Blade is too..." Zhadow snapped his head to the other.

"Blade? the assasin we have been keeping under careful watch for over 50 years? You can't be serious!" He snapped. Zonic nodded, then turned his direction to the jacket.

"Well, atleast we're certain it's Scourge. But now Sonic and Blade. Great." He leaned against the wall and dropped to the ground, exaughsted. "This is tiring. The prime zone is in a mess, Scourge is gone, Sonic is off doing whatever. And Blade....ugh." He closed his eyes as if he was going to sleep, which he despratly needed.

"Can't say I blame you for being tired." Zhadow said, sitting beside him. "With your daily schedule, I'm surprised you had the time to show up here. Say, can I ask you something?" Zonic turned his head, and cracked his eyes open just far enough so he would know he was listening. "Do you really think Sonic is done with being a hero? I never expected him to be thrown in here." Zonic shrugged as a reply.

"He's done time in here before. Give or take, 2 years. It's funny too. Cause he was thrown in here....with the exact same person who got him out..."


Sonic's eyes were closed as he slept, his weak body  slowly healing itself. His breathes were deep and relaxed, but often he twitch in a disturbing way. As if he had been woken up. But he would always just relax his features, and continue his peaceful state.

"Hmmph." Grunted a voice from someone leaning against the wall, sipping some watar. "Stupid hog." He muttered, looking at some blood stains on his feathers. Sonic's ear twitched, as if he had heard him. Blade looked at him, wondering if he had finally awaken.

Sonic stirred in his sleep, tossing and turning as if he was pulling himself from a nightmare. Finally, he almost though he would actually have to pry his eyelids open with his fingers, but he shot his eyes open. Unfamiliar to the setting, he leaped up off the couch, his head turning in many directions to find out what was going on. Unfortunatly though, he got out of sleep too quickly and found himself falling back onto the the hard floor.

"Nice move their, kid. Real smooth." Came a sarcastic voice. When the hedgehog found got used to the lighting and surrounds he turned to to the voice. To his surprise, he found Blade. His words echoed in his head again, 'Choose wisely', he almost shuttered remembering.

"Wha..what are you...?" He spoke softly, almost forgetting how to speak. "Why am I...Where am i....?" He kept on questioning, not being able to finish his sentences. Blade chuckled.

"Surprised? I brought you here, my cabin." He said, gestering to the backround. Sonic only now noticed where he was at. He was in a wooden home, a cabin. He was sleeping on a comfy couch, and he fell on some wooden floors. There were no pictures of family or friends, or pets or anything. The walls were plain wood, no plants, if you don't count the enormous forest outside. Sonic looked back at Blade.

"Um, don't take this the wrong way or anything," He started, getting to his feet. "But why did you bring me here?" Blade raised an eyebrow at him, as if he was clueless.

"Don't you remember what happened back at the prison? If I hadn't come bring your sorry tail here, you would've bleed to death." Sonic closed his eyes to think. He couldn't think of anything at first since he was still out of it, but he thought real hard to recall what happened;


"Ah, goddamn it! Let go blue!" He heard Scourge shout. The pain burning his stomache, he slowly brought himself up and used all his strength to lift the fence from under him. When the fence was off of Scourge, they both raced back as fast as they could. Scourge suddenly boosted himself past the blue hero, jumping into the ring within seconds. Sonic found himself callapsing from the pain just as he was about to jump. He slowly started to lose consciousness. He kept his eyes open, just a crack. Just enough to see an hawk-like bird glide towards him, then it all went black.


'So he was the one who saved me...' Sonic inferred. He looked down and saw his arms and legs bandaged. The wrappings were lightly soaked with some blood, which worried him greatly.

"You're a handful, alright." Blade muttered. "I suggest you get some more rest. Tomarrow, I'll explain." He then left the room to go outside. Sonic stared after him, then back at the couch. Should he really trust this guy? It wasn't his nature to simply kick back and do nothing while someone else is doing the work. Plus, what did he mean by explain? Was there something else he hadn't known about?

Sonic sighed out of frustration. He slowly crawled back on the couch, and closed his eyes so he could fall into the deep sleep he despratly needed. He would understand tomarrow, but for now he'll just sleep.

Playing hard to get ch. 8 by shewolfbeme

/ / ©2012-2016 shewolfbeme

So yeah, after a long time of writers block, I decided to throw in Zonic and Zhadow. ^^;
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