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Hard to get

Ch. 1

"In this great future, you can't forget your past"

~ Bob Marley


(Scourge's P.O.V)

I raise my hand and let my fingers rest in the fence gaps. I watch as the new idiots came to be thrown in this dump. I sigh. So many newbee's came, but the guys still kept punchin me around. Sad, Am i right? If it wasn't for this cursed collor, I'd knock the wind out of those losers and burst out of here in a matter of minutes.

"We got another load of morons heading in." I say bluntly, not really caring if anyone heard me or not. Suddenly, a voice chimed in.

"What? Again? That's like, the thousanth time this week." Fiona said. I roll my eyes at the female.

"Yeah, but still the guys still beat the crap out of me. When will it end?!" I walked passed her, my shoulder hitting hers roughly. I heard her grunt and huff as I walk away. Yeah, that's right. I dumbed the little vixon. When she left me at freedom HQ, that was the last straw and cut her loose. I walk away, doing my best to avoid those knuckleheads, what were there names. Al and Cal? I dont know. But they just wont leave me alone! When someone even looks at me wierdly or intimadating, they go right at my side, and tell me to look at the, BRIGHT SIDE OF LIFE! Someone shut them up!'s better than getting beaten up by them. That would really ruin my reputation, even more than it has now. Since they didnt even try to hurt me, despite maybe my eardrums, I just may spare their lives when I bust out. HAH! Might! Oh Shoot here they come...

"Hey, buddy!" Cal called rapping an arm around my neck, pulling me towards him. Al deside to do the same thing too, so now they're practically choking me. Does this count as them hurting me?

"What wrong? Ya look grumpy!" Al literally screams in my ear. Their breathe STINKS! Wait.....not even JUST there breathe, THEY SMELL DISGUSTING PERIOD!! I shove them off me and walk away. Maybe if I dont look at them, they'll catch a hint.....nope! Damn it all!

"Are you sure you dont want some company?" I dont even look to see who's talking. Everytime they even lay a hand on my shoulder, or head, or ANYWHERE, I just shove them off and keep walking around the place. Finally, they decided to take a hike. THANK YOU GOD! Oh my fricken lord, they never shut up!
They even have the nerve to play with my ears, MY PRECIOUS EARS! The only time, I let someone do that was when me an Fi were together. And she rarly got the chance! I feel like Im being stalked! Oh, god I hope the new batch of suckers are atleast better then those two Wack jobs.

I get my food, or atleast they said it was food, and sit down at the table...alone. I actually like sitting at my own private table. I mean, I rather do that, then sitting with any of these crazy people here. Oh damn, I spoke too soon. Here comes Stupid and Stupider. I glare at them telling them I wanted some space. Course, they dont leave. They pull two seats and plop themselves right down next to me. Perfect.

"So, you feeling any better?" He's says with a mouthfull of goop. How can they eat this stuff?!

"No." I mutter. Cant ignore them forever. And believe me, I tried. What has it been. four months I've been stuck with these loony goons. WHY GOD WHY?!

"Aww, dont worry. You'll be happy to see that the guys will stop picking on ya so much thanks to the new one." My head snaps at him. He probably just saved his own life just by saying that.

"What? Who the hell are they?"

"Only one, surprisingly. And get this, he's a freedom fighter! Or, uhh, WAS." Al or Cal, whichever one he was was for once actually grabbing my attention.....wait.....freedom fighter?!

"Freedom fighter?! From mobius?! Who was he?!" I ask them nearly jumping out of my seat only to be slammed down face-first into the slob by smalls.

"Eat your food. You know how I get when people let food waiste!" He says to me then walks away. I lift my head up and wipe the mess from my face. are now in the top FIVE on who I kill first when we bust out of here. The two next to me sweatdropped.

"Errr.....You okay?" He asks, ticking me off. Oh yeah, your the first one on my list to get killed "Buddy".

"Im fricken fabulus. Now tell me, what freedom fighter?!" I replied. They were about to respond when they suddenly jumped from there seats.

"Uh, Sorry buddy. We gotta go! Oh, and the EX-freedom fighter, is right over there." The fat one says and leave with his toothpick friend. I look over to where he was pointing and saw none other then blue. He was at a table, no one was sitting there of course. Why couldn't the two Bozos bother him instead of me?! Then my mind clicks back to Sonic. Why the hell was blue in jail?! and......why isn't he a freedom fighter anymore? I look to my side and see Smalls somewhere else not noticing me. I quickly grab my tray and run to the Cobalt one. He then looks at me.

"Oh, no, no, no, no, no..." I hear him mumbling as he puts his head in his hands while shaking his head. I roll my eyes and sit down.

" 'Sup, Blue." I say to him. He slowly lifts his head and barly glances at him while he toys with the So-called food on his tray. I refuse to call that stuff food.

"Whatcha want Scourge?" he asks me. I smirk.

" Well, for one thing why are you locked up here AGAIN, Blue?" I say my grin grew larger as I saw him glare at me.

"No reason you need to know." I glare. How dare he not tell me?!

"Tell me."


"" I say, running out of patience before I might snap. He growled a slid in his seat, before sighing.

"Fine. Not that its any of your buisiness but, I may have lost my temper alittle on a mission..." He says, lean closer to make sure I heard this right.

"And what did you do when you lost your, Ahem, TEMPER?" Sonic glared at me, I grin.

"I attacked the king. I got so angry at him, he said that I had to quit being a freedom fighter, cause he said that I have been failing my missions. Which was true, I have been slacking alot lately. I dont know what happened. I just snapped." Sonic crossed his arms. I stare at him for a long time. Did he really attack the king? That's AWESOME! My smirk grew 2x larger than it already was.

"Well, look at you Blue. Gettin back into trouble like old days, are we?" I say to him. He narrowed his eyes.

"Dont go there." He replied. I laugh lightly.

"Hehe. So how are you likin it in 'The Devil's playground'?" I ask after a while.
Sonic shrugged.

"Sucks. Everyone beatin me up and I cant stop them because of these stupid Collars." Blue was right though. Hate to admit it, but these damned collars are a pain in the tail.

"Where ya sleeping?" I smirk as the questions were really starting to annoy Blue.

"I dont know. They said they show me tonight." Finally sonic stopped playing with his food, and decided to throw it away. How come smalls didnt pick on him?!


It's now Night time. Yippe. No seriously. YIPPEE! Smalls is finally getting takin out of my cell. Thank the lord. The springs really hurt you know. I dont know why they wanted to take Smalls out. But they were going to replace him with someone else. Oh great. Well, atleast now I take top bunk. I climbed to the top. It only had one matress now, I really didnt want two, like Sir-Fatty. I grab the blanket, and growled. The idiot drooled on and ripped it. Gross. I throw it against the wall. It wasn't that cold anyway. No I'm not bustin out tonight. When I learned that Blue boy was locked up again, I commanded the others to stay awhile. I wanna see if I can get this guy on our side. Just as I am thinking, someone is now shoved into the cell with a small blanket. I looked a saw none other than the Blue guy himself. Man this just keeps getting easier and easier each fricken time.

"Sup, Blue." He rolled his eyes and hopped on the bed barely having the blanket on. I poke my head over the bed and looked down at the Cobalt one. He stared at me blanky.

"What?" He says. Annoyed, more or less. I shrug.

"Just thinkin."

"Well, the answer is "no"." I stare at him for the longest time. What the hell?

"Dude, I didnt ask yet!" Sonic rolled over ingnoring me. Uh, no. We dont do that. You cant just ignore the king. I swing down from my bed and tapped his shoulder. He shifted alittle but remained where he was. Okay, NO ONE falls asleep that fast.

"Babe, listen to me." I say shaking him. He turned to face me now. His eye was twitching, which was highly amusing.

"Dont. Call. Me. Babe. Now leave me alone." When he turned around for second time. That reallt ticks me off. He throws me in jail, the destructix and Fi get themselves thrown in jail, Blue gets shoved in here, and now he thinks he can just ignore me. Oh hell no.

".....your still here arnt you?"Sonic mutters. I chuckle. He rolled onto his back and turned his head so he can look at me.

"What do you want?" He asks. I rest my elbows on the bed, making it sqweek.

"What i want is for you to stop foolin yourself and come back with me." I say, now serious. Sonic expression now went from annoyed to shock.

"What?! Dude!" Sonic exclaims at me. I sigh.

"Blue, what happened to ya? Why cant you just go back to what you were? You were kicked out of the freedom fighters." I tell him, my eyelids sliding down getting annoyed and tired of this. Blue opened his mouth to say something but I pressed my hand against it. As if Ill let him interupt!

"Did you even tell those idiots about what you were?!" I ask him bluntly, I removed my hand, and I want an answer. Sonic growled.

"No. Only because I dont need to. Past is past, and Im done talking about it." Sonic was about to turn over again, NOPE! I pulled his shoulder back down.

"why cant we go back to the good ol' days?! I got a little out of control, So WHAT?!" After I said that, blue got up out of the bed.

"I dont care about that! Im not a villian! Im a hero! Dont think that THIS changes ANYTHING! Besides! I just cant leave......I wont." Sonic turned away. I smirk and wrapped my arm around his neck.

"Cant and Wont are two very diffrent words Blue." I tell him. He walked away again and crawled into bed. Not even a goodnight. That was mean of him. No matter though. I slowly crawled into bed and my grin grew large. I love it when they play hard to get.

Playing hard to get Ch. 1 by shewolfbeme

/ / ©2012-2016 shewolfbeme

I had this in mind for a while now.

Okay so for anyone confused.

I will tell you about Sonic and Scourge's past in later chapters.

This is supposed to be taking place in sonic universe issue 29-32

Just.....MY way. :3

Im thinking of turning it into comic. God why do I want to turn all my fanfics into comics. Jeez. ;;

So anyway, tell me what you think or else Scourge will hunt you down!!! ALL HAIL THE KING BABY!!! >:3
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